Gorgona – Yannick Schyns Quintet

Pianist Yannick Schyns draws inspiration from classical and world music, and from written and improvised traditional music, in his compositions for his jazz quintet « Gorgona« .

Gorgona Yannick Schyns Quintet

In « Stories & Pictures », first album of the band, strong musical threads are intertwined to build sound edifices; imposed music structures allow space for something less controlled, something unexpected and unrefined, to create a pure sound.

The focus of this music is on emotion and melody. Each piece evokes a place or a time, a personal tragedy or joyful gathering, a prayer or a landscape under the wind.

…It’s the music of a film that doesn’t exist yet…

«GORGONA» is a jazz fusion band inspired by both improvised and written traditions, as by European classical music as world music. Patterns of improvisations popular in the Baroque period – folia, sonnerie or continuo – meet the funk, the French waltzes, bebop. This search for specific atmospheres in the compositions combined with the pure joy of playing together for the public gives a clear, rich and contrasted result: a mixture very interesting and often surprising of feelings, moods and structures in two complete sets of original compositions. You will hear mainstream jazz, tango, funk, samba, Debussy, Purcell and bossa-lounge in one concert! ….